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I don’t have some fascinating cool story about how I got into photography. I am not ashamed to be self taught at all. I am not ashamed if you ask me what range is on the lens that I’m using that I will look down at it and read it to you (and possibly still get it wrong). I am not ashamed that I can’t look at a beautiful sunrise and tell you what shutter speed would be ideal for the shot • but I can pick up a camera, shoot, and get the photo I want. I am willing to experiment and have an insatiable curiosity to the world around me. Photography is the illusion of reality in which I create my own private world. Please feel free to critique, assist, provide examples and explanations to help better and further my interest.

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    Email for more informationCleveland, Ohio 44102 United States
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  • I believe the rewards of photography and the continuous learning of valuable skills are far greater than any award.

  • Tremont Arts

    Emerging Artists Booth Participant. 12 up and coming local artists were chose to participate in this years booth. The mission of the Festival is to celebrate the cultural and artistic diversity of Tremont and Greater Cleveland by encouraging the artistic and cultural endeavors of its visual and performing artists. Artists who are accepted into the Festival go through a selective jurying process.Publication: Sponsored by Merrick House and co-sponsored by Tremont West Development Corp. and Cleveland Ward 3 Councilman Joe Cimperman. Featured on Fox 8News and in the September issue of Scene Magazine.

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