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I have a minor in Communication Media and am currently working toward a major in Marketing. These classes have put me in front and behind the camera in all different aspects such as; writing scripts, working in the control room (directing, assisting the director, teleprompter, graphics, etc.), working on the floor (floor manager, camera, talent, etc), editing (sound and video), and writing analyses on film/television.

Combining both Marketing and Communication Media has enabled me to better understand the complete idea of branding. My career goal is working with product placement in television/movies.

Various programs I have worked with include Photoshop, Roxio Creator, Indesign, Final Cut, Pro Tools, and Adobe After Effects. Other applications I am efficient in are MS Powerpoint, MS Access, MS Excel, and MS Word.

To do what I love and never get tired of it.

Just got an article published online about music placements. Check it out and give me some feedback

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    719 Alexandra Blvd.Crystal Lake, Illinois 60014 United States
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  • The Daily Tube Review: Sarah Palin Sells Stoli

    Being that Russia is within seeing distance of her home, it's only fitting that Sarah Palin has turned to advertising for the country's greatest export - Stolichnaya vodka. If Italy was in ear-shot we'd say, Salute! (by Rema Rahman) Running Time: 1:03Publication: The Daily TubeDate:

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