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The Adventures of Noah Sife Movie is based off of a hugely successful online franchise of the same name. The series has garnered over 5 million hits online and thousands of fans all over the world. The movie stars Noah Sife a talented actor whose credits include "The Shield" and a series on MTV with Andy Dick. The film is a combination of some of the funniest in your face comedy sketches you will ever see and a touching story of triumph over adversity.

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    • Is this Young Producer the Next Tyler Perry

      This is an interview for the now defunct Heat Seekers Magazine.Publication: Heat Seekers MagazineDate:
    • Is Noah Sife the future of Black Filmmaking?

      Noah Sife is a fresh face to the filmmaking scene. For the past few years, the black filmmaking circuit has been completely dominated by Tyler Perry, but this man is looking to change things. It may be hard to believe by looking at him, but Noah Sife is a ten-year veteran in the movie industry.Publication: TBT "The Magazine"Date:
    • 3 Reasons Noah Sife is the Next Tyler Perry

      When your on the court playing full speed do you really care who’s going to be playing next? I’m sure Tyler Perry could care less about the next great superstar standing on the sidelines with his warm ups on. Whether anyone sees it or not it’s here. Talent so vivid and bright you wonder if everybody around you is blind or deaf. I think so, when I ask my friends if they’ve heard of Noah Sife they say no. When I show them his work, 100% of the time I turn them into believers. I feel like I’m on the cutting edge and I have knowledge no one else has. Here are 3 reasons Noah Sife and Tyler Perry are similar.Publication: Smith TelevisionDate:
    • Noah Sife Comes Home To Host Comedy Weekend

      Grand Rapids —Noah Sife is returning to his hometown as the heartbeat of a weekend of comedy.His film, “The Adventures of Noah Sife Movie,” will open Saturday, February 13, 2010, at Celebration Dr. N.E., at 7:30 pm start time, at Celebration Cinema North , 2121 Celebration Dr. NE (corner of KnappPublication: Grand Rapids TimesDate:

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