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My name is Kait. Im 21yrs old. Im of Sicilian Decent. I've been trained in the entertainment industry since I was very young. I'm looking forward to breaking into this industry full force, and make a career for myself. I work well with others. Im comfortable behind a camera. I adapt pretty well in most situations you put me in. I take direction very well. I also have great conversation skills, so I can talk to anybody you put me in a room with. I fit into any group I land in.

I do have someone who overlooks all my job offers, so don't be alarmed when I respond my managers going over the offer. Its not to scare anyone away, its to weed out the good offers from the not so serious side. is'all.


I work by contract only. Paid assignments, print, commercial, glamour, and implied. I reserve the right to bring an escort with me, as well as shoot verification.

I've been in competitions, and parades.
I've been in such shows as:
Willie Wonka~ Verucka Salt
Peter Pan~ Tiger Lily/ Chorus
The Nutcracker~ Priciple Spanish Dancer
Annie~ Pepper/Annie Understudy
The Wizard of oz~ Evil *dancing* monkey/muchkin/Chorus Dancer/Singer

I've been in competitions like

New York City Dance Alliance *NYCDA
Performers on Parade *POPS
Alliance Talent

They're many more over the years.

I worked at a dance studio called center stage. I was in Company, where I took advanced classes, and participated in the show we would do every year for competition. **(the shows above being some)**

I've been competing, singing, dancing, acting, and modeling for over 10 years.

I've done minor modeling for local buisness's.
Some promo work for Hooters.

I'm selfish, but I'm giving. I'm confident, but not cocky. I'm forgiving, but not a push over. I'm ambitious, but not far-fetched. I'm humble, but I'm greedy. I'm righteous, but only when it counts. I'm loving, but only when Im loved back. I'm happy, if I have control of my life. I don't have time to be angry. Im beyond happy. to the point of blissful. Life is what you make it. So I'm making it count.

To acheive success through hard work, with my knowledge and skills.
A challenging position in a fast paced environment that will allow for personal growth and career advancement.

To work to the top, and do anything it takes to get there. I hope to be signed to a label for my music, or an agency for modeling by the end of 2010.

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