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Career Goal: To use my skills and passions to teach youth and young at heart to be extraordinary- to prepare for the adventure of life.

• Enjoy and experienced in a wide range of adventure activities to include mountain biking, climbing, rappelling, hang gliding, scuba diving, orienteering, camping, high ropes course, rock climbing, kayaking, canoing, outdoor sports, outdoor group game facilitation and more.
• Coordinated with local outfitters to provide the best in adventure experiences for my personal training clients from 2001-2005.
• Kayak guide in the Outer Banks, North Carolina, Summer of 2001.

• Keith Williams, and Kalvin Evans facilitated roundtable discussion on the Relevance in Urban Environmental Education. During the 36th Annual Conference of the North American Association of Environmental Educators. November 2007.
• NorthBay Live ¢Extreme Science¢ multimedia production cast member. Taught about the environment and correlated it to choices in kids lives. Includes filmed adventure and environmental education segments combined with live drama on stage. (2005-2007)
• 2005- 2006 Guest host with Keith Williams on Aqua Kids. The series shot two episodes at Northbay and one was nominated for a regional Emmy in children§s programming.
• Williams, K., and K. Evans. Multiculturalism in Environmental Education. Maryland State Department of Education State of Environmental Education Briefing. November 29, 2006.
• Main character in Northbay Media Arts Production, ¢Utah¢, which connects adventure with life-changing choices and decisions. Shot in Utah combining skiing, mountain biking, hiking and extreme climbing in spring, 2006.

Kalvin, lead consultant for Xodus Ventures, LLC, has a passion for fitness, wellness, adventure, and changing people§s lives!
Since 1998, he has been involved in fitness from leading Boot Camp workouts, Reebok Cycling Instruction, Personal Training, to Kettlebell Training. He has also coordinated adventure trips for kids and youth since 2000, ranging from rock-climbing, kayaking, hiking, and mountain biking! After spending nearly 3 years at NorthBay, an outdoor environmental adventure camp, Kalvin Evans and family are launching their fitness consulting business helping clients get healthy, in shape, and living life as an adventure. His goal is to create a new wave in media using fitness to live life as an adventure!

To bring outdoor adventure, survival, and environmental stewardship to a young and young at heart audience in the form of a show! Whether online or on televison, I believe that there is someone who wants to see this show come to fruition! Looking forward to connecting with Charles S. Dutton.

Health, Wellness, Fitness, Basketball, Mountain Biking, Kayaking, Climbing, Hiking, Camping, & anything that is adventurous involving the great outdoors and travel

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