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Hello my name is Kendra Moses. I am 29 years old. My joy for cooking started at a young age. I love creating things in the kitchen and I'm the first to try untraditional combinations. My enthusiasm for cooking lead me to complete an Culinary Arts Trade course at Old Dominion Job Corps.

For a year this is where I lived, studied, and trained to know about the various aspects of food service. This is also where I interned. Working alongside staff to prepare meals for a population of 300+. I am ServSafe Certified and sure my direction.

The other stems of my bakery project are near and dear to me because I currently work a 40+/hr job and I am 6 months homeless. I have been denied various rental properties for two recurring reasons. They say I don't gross enough income and they say that I don't qualify for government help because I have no children. I have been given these two reason from anything from housing to medical.

I believe that a great deal of the homeless that I lay my eyes on are people just like me. People who thought they were doing the right thing by working for living. Income was suppose to equal shelter but not if the median rent is 600-800 dollars a month and companies want you to gross three times that.

That is why I want to change this situation. Our homeless numbers can be lower if I can help individuals in my situation.

I now realize now at 29 years of age and 6 months of undeniable homelessness that the stem branches of my project is something I wanted my whole life in addition to the bakery that I want to use as my launch pad.

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