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Cameron “Kam Beezy” Anderson is a 19 year old talented young man. This Long Beach native, growing up in Long Beach and Los Angeles has seen his share of diversity. When asked what is was like growing up he says, “It was crazy, My father Figure was my big brother and my sister was always there, but I grew up up-under my mom”. The words of a young man that is doing all that he can to overcome the things that he has faced and use is talent to make it big for him and his family. He is continuously working and getting better every day. He shows his drive a determination when asked where he gets his inspiration he can only say his inspiration is waking up hungry to make it everyday knowing that his family is depending on him to get better every day! What made him get into? He had a message that he couldn’t hold onto any more and he had to take it to the streets and get it heard. Growing up in a family of four brothers and one sister he is no stranger to struggle. Growing up with a bunch of family around, and spending time with $wift and 1nfamou$ (from the group CA$H ADDiCTz) from the time they were in diapers, life was never boring. This young man could be out in the world doing all the negative things that a lot of teenagers his age are doing, but instead he is just working hard as an artist and trying to get his message heard so that other boys know that there is another way to make it out of the “Hood”. When asked what he wants his fans to know about him he states, “I’m a fun person to be around, have a positive attitude at all times, and I’m all about dat doe, green money, mula… Lol ---Beezy”. Showing that no matter what he has been though or seen in life he remains positive and focused. If you have not heard Kam Beezy on the mic, it wouldn’t hurt you to listen. You will definitely fall in love with his slight cockiness, charisma, a flow that comes so natural he makes every line sound like a freestyle.

  • Dreijah Wold (manager)

    Phone: 702-265-8186
    Nevada United States

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