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Jamie Ball is 29 born and raised in Ohio. She is an unestablished musician that cannot read a note. For 25 years she has played the piano and keyboard by ear making it a personal goal to create a sound like no other from only an electronic instrument. Beginning with a 12 key keyboard Jamie has worked her way to the PSRK-1, where she has lain hundreds of her own composures into tracks that have led to dozens of variations of genre. From classical to even the dark depths of Black Metal, Jamie is still creating, sharing and attempting to reach out with her musical key creations. Jamie has been a member of Lafango, which was once known as Talenttrove, for about three years now. Through this site she hopes to share her creations with fellow musicians also born with the gift of musical creation through emotion rather than notes, without the aggrivation of theft. It should be known that Jamie's music is backed up, so that any variation or theft thereof her audio will be established. Downloads are NOT permitted, and the use of programs such as audacity, sf, and fruity loops along with many others is STRICTLY prohibited for use with this audio. This music is posted ONLY for listening, and LISTENING only, Jamie would like to make that VERY clear.

Born in Akron Ohio lived in many places. I love creating music!

Reading, writing poetry/stories, daydreaming, working, listening too and recording music.

To find where I belong.

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    Akron, Ohio United States
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