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Producer, Songwriter, Singer, Vocal Coach, Screenwriter, Journalist, Graphic Designer, Cartoonist, Model, Photographer and Voice Actor, is there anything 21 year old Julian Clarke Can't do? Born in Denville, NJ on May 21st 1987, Julian (Pronounced Who-Lee-On) is a triple threat Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Contemporary, Soul and Jazz artist/producer from Tampa, Florida who started taking a shine into music in early 2002.

He wasn't really much recognized until 2006 when he released his rumored to be 1st single "1 Of A Kind" off of his freshman album "One Of A Kind (Summer 2009)". He is also infamous for his online radio hits "If U Were My Girl", "Giv It Up" and Damzel In Distress.

Being in High School, Julian faced alot of teenage issues, rumors would shower the school about him being a conceited psycho with mental issues, the weird, silent type because he was a very imaginative artist (Screen writing wise) and would express himself in a way people never understood, he would also perform his rap songs on his school morning show and ended up with the reputation as the school loser. Sick of people's put downs and hatred of him and his arts, Julian became motivated enough to enroll into a Jazz Choir Class to be taught how to sing and perform better.

Reflecting upon his past, being told he couldn't become a star, being compared to a fake/wannabe white rapper, this White/Hispanic R&B and Pop singer showed true his true colors when he showed his courage by performing live on his high school morning show in front of more than 4,000 students 9 times. He didn't care how people felt about him or his music, he wasn't shy or ashamed, he was just simply being himself, making him a hero to most.

After his graduation, he shied from the strange kid he once was and became the grown man he is today. Using the techniques he learned in his past Jazz Choir Class, Julian finally started the production of his 1st album "One Of A Kind" and to this day is working on the album. Check his music out at

Julian hopes one day in the long run to become an entrepreneur and the CEO of his own entertainment empire highlighting fields in music, film, modeling, photography, graphic/digital design, magazines and possibly clothing lines to help others have a shot in the entertainment, sales and marketing industries as well. In fact, he has started investing in this dream already by creating a site that does just that. Check the site out at

Singing, Graphic Design, Going to the movies, writing, photography, Producing Music, making YouTube videos, Drawing and doing funny voice impressions.

Julian: One Of A Kind (Coming Summer '09.)


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