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Jeremy Rosado, a Season 11 American Idol Top 12 Finalist, is currently working on his original music, which is poised to include both Christian & Crossover titles. Jeremy stood out of a crowd of more than 121,000 hopeful musicians, auditioning to become the next American Idol. In addition to his crossover music, Jeremy is 100% bilingual which allows him to read, write, speak & sing in English & Spanish. His talents stretch way beyond singing as he is also a song writer, actor and a proven, established leader in the Christian community.

Jeremy, the young man originally from Brooklyn and now residing in Florida has watched American Idol since the beginning. Jer-Bear (as celebrity judge and international superstar Jennifer Lopez named him), has been entering many singing competitions & winning most for as long as he can remember. Jeremy says, “It’s a little embarrassing but I remember running around the house singing Britney Spears when I was just a boy. I’ve known I wanted to be a singer my whole life.”

With his professional training in acting, which is another passion of his, Jeremy looks forward to an opportunity that would allow him to use his vocals on T.V. or a big screen. Jeremy is an all around performer and his fans love him no matter what project he is showcasing.

When working with Jeremy, a perfectionist at whatever project is on deck, you can be sure you are dealing with an all around professional. His tenacity (5 years of auditioning for American Idol to make it) and hard work are only beginning to pay dividends.

While Jeremy continues to create his sound in the studio, you can catch him at different events across the U.S. His band is currently being formed. He is still working to find the right record label and is in talks for possible upcoming tours. More information can be found through his social media and his soon to be released website.

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