Jordan Ruiz


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LA based artist making singer-songwriter/ambient folk music.

  • Jordan Ruiz

    • Music Inform Feature

      "With an uncanny ability to disarm from the first line, Jordan Ruiz writes from a place of startling honesty and endearing transparency. Offering a comforting contemplative voice and guitar playing to match, Jordan proves a perfect companion for a long road trip, an evening at home or a gathering of friends."

      Source: Music Inform
    • SeeingTrees Music Feature

      "My first thought upon the break of opening chords of Jordan Ruiz’s “Mountains” was how striking the essence of the piece resembled John Mayer’s Born & Raised phase, but I don’t at all think he realizes this. The ebb and flow of the song is like hiking up a mountain you’ve never conquered before. You have to take breaks more often than usual because it requires more from you than usual. But, you know you’ll make it to the top. And at the top of that mountain is the highest production quality I think I’ve ever heard from an unsigned artist. It was kind of hard to listen to ‘The Matador’ because I was convinced if I looked behind me, I’d see a chorus of ten people singing the “Oh’s” right inside my house. I like that a lot. Speaking of gang vocals… those in addition to the tradeoff between acoustic and electric guitar, Jordan’s soothing voice, and very polished instrumentation give this record such a full sound. Mountain is an experience collection. As soon as you begin to listen, it drapes the walls and surrounds you. Jordan loves interlacing a bunch of acoustic instruments, and loves space. It comes out as a balance between intimacy and depth. And this is not Ruiz’s last record by any means. This Los Angeles native has been playing and writing since before most of us came to the realization that high school is a real thing. I can’t wait to see what strums up next."

      Source: SeeingTrees Music
    • Wave of Good Noise "The Mountain" Feature

      The title track from the recent Jordan Ruiz record was featured on WoGN music blog.

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    • NoiseTrade "The Mountain" Feature

      Latest Record "The Mountain", featured on Noisetrade's weekly email blast, servicing 1.3 million people.

      "The Mountain from Jordan Ruiz is a colorful record, filled with familiar folky textures in a warm blanket of ambience. It's wrapped around a dry intimate vocal, and crafted with honesty. If you’re a fan of Bon Iver, James Vincent McMorrow or Ben Howard, be sure to give a listen to this remarkable album, presented here in its entirety."


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