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Jordan Lane is a musical mastermind raised in Missoula, Montana with his roots based in Seattle, Washington. With no experience or know-how Jordan first picked up the guitar in 2006 and in five short years is now a graduate of the renown Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California with his degree in Audio Engineering. He began writing music after a hardship fell upon him and his family and his music reflects his tremendous journey through the beginnings of his new adult life. His lyrics are powerful and profound yet his songs leave you with a pop-cultured, catchy tune caught in your head for days. Through the years Jordan Lane has taught himself to read music, play the Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, Drums, Harmonica and is now certified in Pro-Tools. His intentions are to engineer (Mix and Master) for live music and for any artists seeking the assistance for their personal projects. Though his own music will be tough to set aside whereas his fan base is rapidly growing and the demand for more music rises!

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