John Nels


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The voice of Northern Maine isolated 'Fock'n Rolk', John Nels is a musician that write songs pertinent to the mental human condition in relation to social disconnection. Manic depression + erratic home recordings + one man in a room = John Nels.

Born in Caribou, Maine- John Nels Blanchette spent 26 years in Northern Maine while practicing techniques in home recording on a budget and playing in various musical groups with diverse backgrounds. While releasing many home recordings starting with 2003's 'Prelude Le Hiver Fonce'- John Nels came into his own with 2007's 'The Current State of Madness' which foreshadowed his bout with depression. Since then, he has successfully learned to record with various instruments on a tight budget; creating thick records doused with acoustic pop and early 90s college rock.

A recent transplant to the Portland, ME; he has performed with members of Grand Hotel, The Cambiata, Dominic and the Lucid, Line of Force, Space vs. Speed, and Strange Pleasure (amongst others).

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    Phone: (207) 409-7803
    Portland, Maine 4101 United States

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