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Joemike of JoeMike and the All Can Band is a singer/songwriter who has dedicated his life's journey to God's music. His musical interest began in Alaska and continues today. He holds a deep passion for the Lord and considers it a privilege and an honor to be able to share the love of the Lord through his music. Like an open book Joemike shows his heart and walk with God. Joemike began with the trombone and through the years has moved to many other instruments, settling on synthesizer and bass.Incorporating strings, bass, and woodwinds, he has brought together the acoustic and the electronic to create his own style-sometimes breaking the rules in format music writing. JoeMike's CD is a creation of songs that span over twenty years of writing, a life long dream coming true.

With lots of time to work on music I find it the best to dive in. I have made many friends and am nexcited to get their comments and suggestions. With the launch of my first CD I am in unchartednwater, having never been here befor. My music began in Alaska in the fifties and has been with menall these years. It is my hope you like what you hear and share it with others & if possible maynwant to buy a CD, the directions on how are below the CD cover.

Music, People, Sharing the Lord, I enjoy writing music for artists who struggle withthe music sidenof things, for more information on how we can help please contact us.

To perform Christian music full time. At the present we are trying to figure out how to gain supportnfor our projects. We are very open to prayer and thank you for your time.

Today we have finished another song, so now to work on the message. Thanks to JAL and Matthew for helping to build the songs. For comments pease Email me at ...Thanks. Keep praying for us, we really need it. Joseph

  • United States
  • Phone: 360-599-2116
    Maple Falls, Washington 98266 United States
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