James Littleton


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James grew up in the small town of Newfoundland, Pennsylvania. His father is a pastor and his mother the worship leader. He was homeschooled by his mother, who first introduced him to music. He really started getting into it when he was 12 years old, his mother had him play on their churches’ worship team. He started out playing drums, but then moved on to playing guitar. From there on he progressed to writing his own music and starting bands. After years of this on his own he found Visible Music College while at Creation Festival in 2010. He is now a first year student at Visible Music College studying to earn a bachelors degree in modern music ministry with emphases on songwriting. Seth Sellars: “James is a gifted writer, that can take real life issues and personalize them. He makes you feel as if his story are yours too.” Kyle Pruzina: “James Littleton's songwriting escorts the listener into their own experiences by bringing together real-life themes and a post-rock feel.” Casi Spear: “James is very obviously passionate about his music, and you can tell he has so much fun writing and performing. His songs are unique and so enjoyable to listen to.”

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    Memphis, Tennessee 38103 United States

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