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The Toniks have been writing and performing together in their present form for just under a year. Before even their first gig the band had a Number 1 and Number 3 in the People's Choice charts. They have been cast as the antidote to a rainy day. Quintessentially British, their sound is unabashedly bold and bright, and coming through your windows! With support from respected industry contacts like Graham Dominy (Eurythmics, Dave Stewart, Razorlight, and Imelda May), The Toniks have been likened to such groups as Blur, The Lightening Seeds, The Feeling, Squeeze, Ocean Colour Scene, and The Small Faces, and have been able to make their music stand for itself, as original empathetic pop songs. As they say themselves 'You won’t see a fifteen minute guitar solo - it's all about the songs' winning the band a fast growing popularity with promoters, A&R and most importantly their fans. The Toniks have also become synonymous for their commitment to supporting charities such as a local children's hospice and Oxjam, giving their time very generously and enthusiastically to these projects. Live, they are a tight unit whose energy and uplifting songs move you, there is something brewing, they are talking to a collective consciousness and people are responding. Recent accomplishments include supporting the Sheepdogs in Canada and being added to regular rotation at radio stations in Toronto and Amersburg.

Meet The Toniks, a Surrey based band that have been in their current line-up for just under a year.

The back story: The band got together after sharing an appreciation for the same kinds of music. With collective influences such as The Beatles and The Jam they decided it was only right to give it a go themselves. Shortly after this formation they sparked interest from inside the industry and attained support from the likes of Graham Dominy (Eurythmics, Razorlight, Imelda May). Cut to this year, where the band have been invited to play in Canada at the Shores of Erie Wine Festival in Amherstburg. Subsequent gigs were offered as the news spread, and they gained their first album review even before the release date later on this year.

If you can't afford that ticket to Canada fear not! The Toniks will be touring around the UK from September to promote their debut album, set for release October 5th. See their official site for more info:


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