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Jeremiah Saint is an American Industrial, alternative, dark rock, darkwave band , formed in 2007. This is Jeremiah Saint's solo project, many live members have passed though but the one that will always stay the same is Jeremiah Saint. Many online singles have been released but a full album is in the works.<br><br> Jeremiah has remixed music for bands such as" Leaether Strip, Malfaktor, Angles on Acid, Ludvico Technique, PixelPussy, State of the Union, Phase Theory and Regenerator.<br><br> Jeremiah Saint's first song release, 2008 "Valkyries" can be heard in the indipendent horror movie "Orgy of Blood". Jeremiah has also had his music in other movies such as: Defcon 2012 and not only costars but also wrote the theme song and soundtrack for upcoming thriller "House of Mirrors".<br><br>Jeremiah has also had remixes by such bands as: Malfaktor, DieGressiaveSoul, Carved Souls, Division of Angles, Phase Theory. <br><br>Best moment on stage: CAT CLUB Hollywood California March 17th 2011 in mid-performance his kneecap dislocated and his leg buckled, he then fell and impacted it, shattering a piece off the patella. Jeremiah got back up shook it off then finished his performance, Ironically it was at the end of his song Shattered.

I have been playing bass guitars for many years, I have been in the following band some of which i am still in

Death in Dresden, Regenerator, Phase Theory, Decayeden, Grimmhorrora,

Sharpen all of your knives

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