Jeffrey Harris


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Every blue moon, an artist comes along who instantly catches your attention. Someone who, upon first listen, exceeds your expectations and makes you feel as if you are the first person to discover this individual and you have to share this information with someone-a name joined with a voice that, unknown to most, will be constantly acknowledged. For Hip Hop newcomer Hennessy, that time is NOW! Born Jeffrey Harris, out of San Jose, CA, Hennessy began his music career in 1999 alongside his cousin, Alize, who gave him the initial push to pursue his dream of making a mark in the music industry. "After he taught me about the sixteen bars and how it worked it was over from there," Hennessy said. "I remember when I was in high school, I was in a group called the Federal Assassins' we thought we were doing it (laughs) had the tape recorder and would rap over instrumentals," Hennessy went on to elaborate on the earlier days of his career. He began his music endeavors when he was a Junior in high school and since has not stopped. Hennessy has had the opportunity to open for Lil Flip, Juvenile, and Mystikal, as well as performing around Northern California; Vacaville, Davis, Sacramento, Placerville...just to name a few. Whether it is a display of lyrical fire on the track or a performance that will have you out of your seats, Hennessy not only gets the job done, but he also conjures up the understated effort to revive the truth in Hip Hop. Help him be heard... JUST LISTEN.

  • Jeffrey "Hennessy" Harris

    Phone: 916-671-6587

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