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Jay Wyse is a striving up & coming recording/peforming artist. Mastering his craft with each coming track Wyse can be what many fans of music and labels are looking for. Ask yourself is it quality that I seek to find, if the answer to that is a simple "yes" you have come to the right place. "Choose Wysely"

Jay Wyse (Javon Shipley Sr.) is a new up & coming artist from (East) Baltimore, MD. Wyse has always enjoyed music, but his passion to create his own music came in late 2010 early 2011. Inspired to rap as a result of his bestfriends (Timothy Gaskins Jr.) Wyse strives to tell his story through his songs. His genre of focus starting out is Rap/HipHop. L.H.G.H Loyal Humans Grinding Hard. This is a movement Wyse put together, he states "if it aint about loyalty & grinding it aint bout nothing." He also states, "Skyscrapers start at the ground" which means that all huge things have to start small. Wyse intends for L.H.G.H to be an umbrella for many endeavors.n nAs a child Jay grew up mainly in East Baltimore where as it is commonly known life was not the sweetest. His father was killed when Wyse was very young. Jay received his education through Baltimore City public schools and was in and out of different Elementary schools due to unstable living arrangements. As Wyse aged his schooling became more stable and in 2007 he graduated from Edmondson Westside High School.n nIn 2008 Wyse became a father in welcoming his son Javon Shipley Jr into the world. Most recent song for his son is "Me & My Lor Man".n nIn 2009 the bulk of the tragedy began. In June of 2009 Wyse was arrested for transporting a firearm on city streets. There are lots of details about the case that won't be released. The case was finally concluded in early 2011, all charges were beat. A month after being hit with a gun charge Wyse was shot 3 times (twice in the face & once in the foot). He was rushed to Johns Hopkins Hospital where he was immediately taken into surgery and noted to be in stable condition. After a few months of recovery Wyse was back at 100 %. There are also further details about the incident that won't be released. On May 29, 2010 Timothy Gaskins (Biscuit) was murdered, this incident changed Wyse forever. Biscuit & Wyse were childhood friends and grew to be inseperable. Biscuit's death inspired Jay to put his heart and mind deeply in to becoming an artist. Biscuit had a dream of becoming an entity in music and Wyse is striving to keep his dream alive. Timothy left behind two kids in which Wyse "dubs" his own.n

Writing music, recording, sports, and just laid back times with family an/or friends.

To be successful in each and every endeavor.

Striving up & coming recording/performing artist.

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