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Scarlet is from Amsterdam and celebrates art through music. In her search for inspirational encounters she came across a band called The Crowns which intrigued her immensely and began following them; without the band knowing but always feeling her presence. Whether it was a performance at prime radio (3FM) as serious talent, a show played at one of the many medium size venues around the country, or a Dutch television show performance (DWDD), she was always there, observing, inspiring.

Several months into her immersion with the band, they felt her presence and embraced it, allowing her to take the ship’s wheel. Subsequently, she provided the path into the right direction and so Scarlet joined forces with producer Ian Dowling (Kasabian, Adele), engineer Robbie Nelson (The Kills, Arctic Monkeys) and producer/mixer Barny Barnicott (Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian) at Barny's studio in Bluebell Hill (UK) and began recording in October 2012. With the extensive efforts of Valentijn Crouwel (Vocals), José O. Jiménez (Drums), Daan Koelemeijer (Bass), Ramiro LLadó (Lead Guitar) and Thomas Trip (Rhythm Guitar), the band made its musical evolution accepting Scarlet as their inspiration source, name, and direction and emerged with an album which is now ready to be presented to the world.

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    • Unieke bandavond met Scarlet

      Gewoon de stoute schoenen aantrekken' is het idee van Zaankanter Daan Koelemeijer. Zaterdag 15 juni organiseert hij een heuse band avond in Batavia. De bassist van de band The Crowns kijkt er naar uit. Mede omdat zijn huidige band straks als Scarlet verder zal gaan.Publication: DichtbijDate:

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