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Huck Walton comes from a performing family. He grew up dancing between acting, singing and, well... dancing. In college, Huck focused his passion on his singing and songwriting, playing around Chicago and touring with different acoustic acts. Walton came to LA while working on a movie musical project and met his keyboardist Anne Seidler (player for Eric Masek, VK Lynne, Typical Situation) who had recently moved to the states from Denmark to expand her music career. While in Vegas for a battle of the bands, Huck went drinking with the group Typical Situation and was coaxed by Seidler to play for everyone. Bassist Mike Marigliano (Sad Robot, Typical Situation) was so impressed that he signed on to play with Huck on the spot. Soon after, Kyle Turek (King Washington), a long term friend and proficient rock/hip hop drummer completed the Walltones. In a short time Huck has enjoyed some wonderful experiences, jamming with his idol Dave Matthews, developing projects with some major recording artists and producing singles with multi-Grammy Award winning musicians. Huck is very excited about the future with his band. Huck Walton & The WallTones is active in International children's needs and creating better awareness around learning and developmental differences in youth.

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