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From the likes of Q-tip, and Cypress Hills, Hollywood is an finesse Hip Hop Emcee from Brooklyn, New York, whose mission is to bring the essence of Hip Hop back to its fans. Jonathan “Hollywood” Seward began developing his gift of artistry at the tender age thirteen, where he premeditated, and mastered the art of Hip-Hop.While attending Arizona Western College, Hollywood enhanced his artistry skills in recording, and making numerous guest appearances at college showcases in Arizona, and California. After obtaining his Associate degree in business, he decided to move back to New York City to continue his mission for the Hip Hop community. “All this time I’ve been rapping, I never heard anyone I say I sounded like anybody else, and I always felt that I have this vintage hip-hop in me, and that is what Hip-Hop is missing.” During the summer of 2010, Hollywood began recording his very first MixTape called "The 9thDilla Effects." In which this is his dedication to the legendary producer 9th wonder, and the late great Jdilla. “The 9thdilla effects is something new I wanted to bring to Hip Hop. There are many people who do not know about Jdilla and the influence he had on the game, and with this mixtape I want to keep his memory alive.” HollyWood has opened up for Maybach Music's own Meek Mill, and Hip Hop's own legendary group Cuban Link. Hollywood will be performing at featured showcases throughout the year. Check him out on and

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    Hollywood Y.S.A featured single "Whatever" was number two of the top ten best underground hip hop songs on Shelly Platinum's online radio show.Date:

    Hollywood YSA featured single "Whatever" has been featured in Hip Hop's vital source WWS Magazine. Click the link for more details on his exclusive interview.Date:

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