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The rapper known as Hoff has been in the music business since 1994 since he was 14.Born in Riverside CA in 1980, Half raised in San Bernardino CA, until 1993 his mother Decided to move him to Hamilton Ohio, where he officially started writing his rhymes, During his career in music he has gained a good name for himself as on of the top respected rappers in his area, and recently nation wide.
His credits include work with the legendary Dj.Ron-G's 2003 mixtape on Waterbed Ent, putting together a 5 star mixtape with Dj spare change on dat & Blaque Vegax presents ‘'Drought Survivors'‘, another mixtape with the Apphilliates own Head Debiase, ''the industry threat'' and has done work with Dj Ace of south to dawgs (Dj for Gucci Manes Mr. perfect series) and a guest spot on 20ent's Lets Network Vol.3 and countless local shows

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    Phone: 513 919 3626
    501 S Eleventh streetHamilton, Ohio 45011 United States
  • Reached top 3 on local charts

    Status: We're number 3 on the ReverbNation Hip Hop charts for Hamilton, OH. ReverbnationDate:
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    From: Artist - Pavlino (Go to Page) Subject: What's Hot Status: Pending Date: 11/28/2010 11:55 AM Wanted to let you know that you are top 50 on the hot list for Hip Hop. Congrats.Publication: Pavlino ReverbnationDate:

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