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Heather & Little Limited is a fabricator of custom ornamental sheet metal that was established in 1925. Through the years, they have been involved in many complex projects here in Ottawa, but also all over Canada and the United States.

Heather & Little Limited can create custom ornamental sheet metal, but they also specialize in historical sheet metal restoration and renovation. Their artisan metalsmiths have been trained to use traditional equipment and techniques as well as the latest materials and technologies, so they can be ready to work on even the most challenging of projects.

Their team can work on ornamental sheet metal fabrication, historic roofing sheet metal fabrication, sheet metal statuary restoration, decorative architectural stamped metal, and more. You can visit them online to take a look at their portfolios, and you can contact them online or on the phone to benefit from their skills and experience on your next project.

Heather & Little Ltd.
3210 Sawnsea Crescent
Ottawa, ON K1G 3W4
Tel: (613) 736-1070


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