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Let's Face It Radio


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    A weekly radio show designed to inspire, encourage, entertain & motivate listeners by discussing some of the hottest topics and social issues in or society today! We will have industry experts answer some of your most thought-provoking questions, Call in guests share some of the most heartfelt stories and life experiences. We will have an open discussion about Politics, Social Issues, Spirituality, Beauty, Style Fashion tips and Celebrity Gossip. Occasionally, special guest Co-Hosts, panel segments and featured interviews will add even more excitement to the show. Let's Face It, Real People, Real Topics, Real Talk.

    Let's Face It w/ Wil Strayhorn & Friends

    Talk Radio is considered a credible source, yielding influence beyond traditional radio.
    Talk listeners are conscientious, politically astute, and information-driven.
    Talk listeners are an exclusive brand that is less likely to channel-surf.
    Talk Radio is a growing format as prominent hosts wield tremendous influence in shaping modern-day opinions.
    Talk Radio garners a listenership that is mature, highly affluent and well-educated.

    We are online and have a local and worldwide audience of listeners. This makes it very easy to get listeners to visit our sponsor's websites. Web radio listeners are a highly active group of consumers with above average levels of purchase intentions and are early adopters of other new media options and new technology according to an analysis by BIGresearch (
    Let's Face It Radio is one of the fastest growing internet radio shows.

    Vision: To provide a media platform for discussing hot topics, and social issues, share experience, knowledge and stories for the benefit of aspiring , motivating and informing the public.
    Mission: To assist in broadening the opinions and perspectives of listeners minds by building a discussion to facilitate discussing controversial and trending topics in society today.
    Listeners can access the talk show from work, home or listen in their cars.

    "Let's Face It w/ Wil Strayhorn & Friends" is produced once a week on Sunday's and is a 1-2 hour show airing at 8:30pm eastern. The hosts are Wil Strayhorn, also President and Alesha Brown. Special guest "Co-Hosts" occasionally join the cast. The hallmarks of the show are the in-depth guest interviews with life-coaches, business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, politicians, entertainers and leaders in the business community & abroad.

    Who listens to "Let's Face It w/ Wil Strayhorn & Friends?" The listening audience is
    The individual who is looking for a place to discuss what so many other's are afraid to discuss "The Elephant In The Room" scenario.
    The dreamer who is looking for that bit of information to assist them with taking the next step into
    The business minded person who needs to discuss ideas, learn more about personal
    development and get business secrets from other small business owners.
    The person just like YOU who is concerned with all social issues from health and relationships to politics & spirituality.

    The listener and download reach of "Let's Face It w/ Wil Strayhorn & Friends both via & Blogtalkradio platform is

    Unique Visitors Page Views Visits
    1100 1900 3237

    67% New Visitor
    33% Returning Visitor
    845-1200 average episode downloads per month.

    Demographic Percent
    Female 55%
    Male 45%

    Demographic Percent
    < 18 15%
    18-24 9%
    25-34 18%
    35-44 24%
    45-54 17%
    55-64 8%
    65+ 9%

    Demographic Percent
    Caucasian 44%
    African Amer. 38%
    Asian 6%
    Hispanic 11%
    Other 1%

    Education Level
    Demographic Percent
    College 62%
    No College 36%
    Grad School 2%

    National and Internationally connected via social media (Facebook, Twitter etc)

    • Wil Strayhorn- President-Host

      Phone: 757-272-1469
      3866 Holland RdVirginia Beach, Virginia 23452 United States

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