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Before becoming a powerful independent record label, GoodFella Records was merely a dream blowing in the wind. Fed up of waiting around for major labels to discover him, Gabe Luchiano also known as Gabriel Johnson decided to put his fate and destiny into his own hands and create GOODFELLA RECORDS LLC in the winter of 2007 to help promote, market and advertise himself and other artists to the rest of the world. It’s mind boggling how when dreams are brought into fruition, dreams can become reality.

In the spring of 2011, GoodFella Records hip-hop phenom Gabe Luchiano was submitted to the highly publicized magazine “THE HIP-HOP WEEKLY” and quickly became anointed as the “INDIE GRIND ARTIST” of the month. Gaining country wide notoriety from the magazine feature, Gabe’s fan base grew to new widths and heights. Gaining over 14,000 plus followers via TWITTER, over 10,000 plus YOUTUBE views on his debut music video "ON DA HUSH-HUSH" and not to mention selling over 2,000+ plus cd’s out the trunk of his car and also during concert performances, the rippling of the calm waters have begun.

In a recent radio interview, a radio personnel asked, “Which label do you think would best fit you as an artist?” Gabe quickly replied, "I am signed to GoodFella Records. All I need is GoodFella Records! It's 2012, Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery! Why would I want to sign to these major labels and only get crumbs of the profit when I can get the whole cake! It’s the 21st century. The internet is a powerful tool when if used correctly can spread my existence from sea to sea. I don't need these major labels. We’re already major in an independent way!"

So equipped with that rebel mentality GoodFella Records took to the internet and built a huge buzz for Mr. Luchiano. At the current moment, GoodFella Records is heavily promoting Gabe Luchiano on his "WHO IS GABE LUCHIANO PROMO TOUR" while booking radio interviews on college, internet and blog talk radio stations across the country. With independent label GoodFella Records operating as a major label, who knows where their hustle, hard work and determination will take them. Just know their acceleration to the top will be well earned and sooner rather than later, they will be a force to be reckoned with in this Music Industry!

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To become the largest Independent Record Label and Distributor the World has ever seen!


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    • "INDIE GRIND ARTIST of the MONTH" by the highly publicized HIP-HOP WEEKLY MAGAZINE


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