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About A.N.T.
Anthony Leon Terry Jr. aka A.N.T. was born in San Bernidino, CA in 1992. He grew in a predominantly Christian household so it’s no surprise that he holds an extensive view of the Bible. Music has always been Anthony’s preferred form of communication. As he grew up, he was never truly attracted to the over-fascination of secular Hip-Hop/Rap music. Although he wasn’t enticed by secular Hip-Hop/Rap music, he still loved the rhythmic, hard hitting feel of it.
In early 2007, Anthony was 15 years when he started creating his first set of beats and realized that he could create his own music rather than listen to music the radio played. He’d always wondered whether or not God could be mixed with the eclectic sounds of Hip-Hop/Rap and still be considered holy. So his journey into the Christian Hip-Hop/Rap life began. Anthony began rapping at churches throughout the Sacramento, CA area in 2008. As he grew into this lifestyle of “preaching over tracks”, he felt that this was perhaps his purpose the Lord had made out for him.
Although he felt himself growing through his music ministry, in 2008, Anthony found it hard to tell his peers in high school about Jesus and live an unashamed life. He struggled with living out what he spoke about in his songs. His hypocritical lifestyle hindered him from pursuing the truth of Christ and applying it to his life. He knew he loved the Lord but his actions spit on what Jesus represented. When Anthony realized that his hypocritical life was displeasing to the Lord and made him look like a fool, he thirsted for an authentic, true relationship with the Lord.
In 2009, Anthony hooked up with a number of local community churches, Gateway Fellowship and Victory Restoration Center, in Sacramento, CA. There he was taught and ministered to about how he should not be ashamed of the Lord because it if wasn’t Him he wouldn’t even have a life. When he heard this news he instantly strived to be as unashamed as possible. No matter where Anthony went he made sure his life was pleasing to the Lord no matter what people thought, said, or did. Anthony took a break from making beats and writing lyrics to gain a closer, personal relationship with God so that how he lived matched what he wrote on the paper.
In November, 2009, Anthony joined a Music Club at Encina High School’s after school program to continue pursuing music production for the Lord. The more he dived into the scripture the more unashamed he became. Anthony boldly proclaimed that he would one day be a true Christian rapper and because of his boldness God shined his favor on him. In December 2009, Anthony got another opportunity to perform at church but this time his heart was fully in it.
Anthony currently resides in Sacramento, CA piecing together his latest project, Realationship. Realationship is a mix of testimony and self-observation of how the world attempts to live for them in pursuit of selfish ambition. This album starts off with the album titled song, “Realationship” through which Anthony brings forth his past experiences and how they brought him closer to the Lord as he recognized that man will always let you down but the love of Christ will never fail. Other tracks on the album such as “He’s The Man Pt.1” and “He’s The Man Pt. 2” shine light on the false infatuation that people believe that money, possessions, themselves and earthly relationships are the source of joy and eternal dwelling. Anthony’s love for the work of God and God himself will carry him places he wouldn’t believe he could go.

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