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About me:

I was born in Chicago, IL on 1 March 1956. I have been married to Rita Malonis since 24 September 1977!

We have 2 sons, Cliff Jr. and Mark Jon. Rita and I currently live in Albuquerque, NM.

I have been "acting on stage" since I was in 1st Grade in 1962! I played "The Voice of God" in that production because, even then, I had a "booming" voice. I caught the "bug", and it has stayed with me ever since. I would use any excuse to get back in front of those lights...LOL. After High School, I joined a Community Theatre group that just formed. As I traveled around the States, I would look for all opportunities to perform.

When we moved to Albuquerque, I joined a friend of a co-worker and became the Managing Director of Auxiliary Dog Theatre in the Nob Hill area ([url][/url] Aux Dog is a 501(c)3 non-profit Theatre that has seating for 86, along with an Art Gallery in the Lobby. We produced "family oriented" productions.

During this time I also "talked" my way into an audition for the movie "Sunshine Cleaning". When I went to read for the part, the Casting Director was also casting for the TV series "Wild Fire", and she asked me to read for that also. Unfortunately, my "inner ham" took over. I was told that I was "too big", that I did not have to play to the "back row", but I didn't know how to "tone it down". I did get a part in the movie, although it was another one than what I read for, but I was not cast in "Wild Fire". So I decided that I needed training to act for TV and Film. In September 2008, I quit my job and went back to school at CNM (Central New Mexico Community College) to study Acting for the Camera and script writing.

I have been in 2 movies (Swing Vote and Sunshine Cleaning) and 1 TV series (Crash) since moving here to Albuquerque (besides the school projects).

My "GOAL" is to work as an Actor / Director in the Film Industry (although I can't seem to keep off the Stage, guess it's the "ham" in me...LOL).

Bible studies and all out-door activities.

I recently created "The Cheap camera Film Festival", Anyone can submit, as long as it was filmed on a camera costing UNDER $100!

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