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In a world dominated by dance, rap, and pop, Shatterglass is bringing great commercial rock back to the masses. Straight out of Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Shatterglass comes equipped with an arsenal of infectious melodies over a rock groove. Consisting of four members: Zoog (Vocals), Jinx (Guitars), Donnie J (Bass), and RonJon (Drums & Percussion), there’s no stopping these guys when they’re doing what they do best; Making good music. Shatterglass was formed in early February 2011, when the guys got together after being in different popular South Florida bands and friends for years. They just wanted to see what kind of music they could create when they combined they’re talents at first, but little did they know how fast their plans would change. After locking their self’s in the recording studio for 3 months with legendary South Florida engineer/producer and friend Paul Trust (Endo, Atom Smash, AL’s Not Well, Crease, The Chaos Agent, Enstride, Day Minus 7, Faces of March, Echovalve). The result is a three song EP simply titled “Shatterglass”. All three tracks, layered with catchy hooks and awesome harmonies, are sure to re-invent the “sing-a-long” song for a new generation. The Band is getting ready to go back into the studio. With the overwhelming positive response of the EP, as well as the buzz surrounding their first single, “Psycho Girlfriend”, Shatterglass will once again team with Mr. Trust to record more songs towards their first full length release. The chemistry of Shatterglass is obvious. From the balls to the wall bass and drums, to the raw, chunky guitars, to the powerful vocals, the ingredients are there to cement Shatterglass as South Florida’s hottest new band. Considering how far they have come in just the few months that they have been together, this is definitely the band to look out for in the very near future.

  • Ronald Johnson - Boomslang Records

    Phone: 954-235-6958
    4497 SW 50th St.Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. 33314 United States
    • Video Game "RockBand"

      Shatterglass's song "Coming Undone" is accepted to be put on the video game "RockBand". will be avalible in May 2012Date:

      Beautifully mastered music well thought out EP cover, and a great sound! This is ShatterGlass’s three song EP. Love the solid rock feel of the music. The first song won me over with the title alone: Psycho Girlfriend. Indeed the temptation to hit repeat was very strong. After-all who hasn’t had a Psycho “friend” or two? The lyrics were the first thing to grab me, then the rhythm kept me there to appreciate just how tight this song is. The two songs that followed were just as impressive with excellent guitar riffs, powerful vocals and outstanding rhythm. ShatterGlass demonstrates a uniqueness that is all their own with music that takes us back to the classic rock of yesterday. This band is ready for airplay. Learn more about them by visiting them at or Facebook: Shatterglasstheband.Publication: Ranelle Golden /OrlandoBands.comDate:
    • BibBigShow /

      Shatterglass has a great sound that will appeal to everyone who loves rock music. Formed in February of 2011, they are a relatively new band from South Florida. The four members have known each other for years and have all played in different bands until now. And the collaborative effort has paid off. The three tracks that can be heard on the are awesome. I heard "Psycho Girlfriend" first and instantly like it - how can you not relate to it? We all know someone with a "Psycho Girlfriend"!! The second track, "Talkabout", is also great. It has a commercial kind of sound but also has its own original style. "Coming Undone" - the third track - has great lyrics, music, and just recently, a great video - a true delight to listen to and watch. Shatterglass is a band worth listening to and will definitely be mainstream before long.Publication: www.bigbigshow.comDate:
    • Offbeat Entertainment /

      In a world dominated by dance, rap, and pop, Shatterglass is bringing great commercial rock back to the masses. Straight out of Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Shatterglass comes equipped with an arsenal of infectious melodies over a rock groove. "Coming Undone" is their first tune to hit the Rock Band Network.Publication:

      “Really professional sound you guys have going here - excellent production, very 'MTV worthy”Publication: Date:
    • Chris • Whotune radio /

      “I love "Coming Undone” ... Rock solid playing & production... We are adding this to Whotune radio...”Publication: http://www.Whotune.comDate:
    • Sign Me To

      “Playing is solid, polished mix, good for radio play, Straight up Rock.”Publication: http://www.Signmetoroadrunnerrecords.comDate:
    • Brian Rademacher /

      With so many downloads and physical copy CD’s being submitted to RockEyez we basically have to pick and choose what to do as we don’t have enough time in the day to do them all! Don’t get me wrong every CD that comes in does get a listen and we get all kinds of material but in finding that one element that catches your attention you may get hundreds that get passed by. Recently I was contact by Ron Jon drummer of the Ft. Lauderdale band SHATTERGLASS. They have only been together since February 2011 and he wanted to send the physical EP that they just recorded. Well I got it and while driving in my car I popped it in. I listened to the three tracks which were very good; so good that on the second spin I started singing along (and glad my windows were closed!). Any way you can usually tell right off the bat if a band has mass potential or they may just end up being no more than a local favorite . The first track “Coming Undone” gives the same punch as many high-profile bands like HINDER, NICKLEBACK and others. The song has a great vibe with trance-like guitar chords by Jinx and vocally Zoog has that aura to win over crowds. Plus the background vocals give the song that perfect “added spice” to reach the masses. “Psycho Girlfriend” is another killer track that alternative radio could be playing on an hourly basis. I love the structure of the songs by SHATTERGLASS. They have that taste of passed acts like GRAHAM PARKER and THE ROMANTICS, yet have the modern day flare. “Talkabout” rounds out the EP and is another amazing song that has catchy hooks and the kids will go crazy listening too. What more can I say than it’s an EP I would want it in my collection because they are great and have potential. I wish there were more tracks but three is better than nothing! Catch SHATTERGLASS and pick up the EP with these great tracks.Publication: Date:

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