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Freddie Blackskin & DJ Nook have been making their mark in the independent/underground hip hop scene for a minute! With their latest offering, the emcee/deejay combo come together to try and prove that the the TRUTH is indeed out there! Give a listen as they collaborate with fellow emcees and producers from New England, Atlanta, GA, Germany and LA, California! Give it a whirl and let us know your thoughts! If by some strange electromagnetic shift to our earth's alignment you are not feeling Freddie Black's latest contribution don't bother downloading the whole mix for FREE @ >>>>
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The "official" solo debut from Freddie Black entitled "Music For The People" features 14 new tracks. The album features production from in house beat chemist Andrew Dolan with extraterrestrial sounds from Splift Out and Yod Halgorom. "Music For The People" is a collection of innovative beats and rhymes with one purpose in mind, you, the listener! Being raised in Newport, RI, which is often called GhosTown to locals, helped to mold the artist known as Freddie Black. He started in a group with a collective of emcees fittingly called "The GhosTown Clik" and branched off into his solo career in 2004. This latest opus of beats, rhymes and life follow up his initial solo outing entitled "Witness the Birth of Freddie Black" which was released in early 2007. It seemed that the pressing confines of this island in the small state of Rhode Island was too claustrophobic for Freddie so he made a trip to Atlanta where he would eventually redefine himself as an artist and create the overall sound of who Freddie Blackskin is, a lyricist. With newfound ambition and drive he hooked up with the budding producer/engineer Andrew Dolan and crafted "Music For The People". Freddie Blackskin aka Pride has been in this rap game for a hot minute. Having put it down for over 10 years now, Freddie has moved hard into his solo career. With numerous album credits under his belt, Mr. Blackskin has decided to bring the world His version of pure, unadulterated hip-hop. Having won countless mc battles and produced and recorded on as many group tracks, it's only fitting that this emcee of legend comes out the wood works to display his lyrical ability. So without further ado, witness the birth of Freddie Blackskin!

  • United States
  • "for anybody who likes heavy, thumping beat and a serious change from some of the more shallow and meaningless rap out there in MTV-land right now"Publication: The Local Mix
  • "All in all, it proves that you can have a big city perspective in a little place like Newport. Next up, a big city sound. Because it sure seems like these boys are ready for it."Publication: The Providence Phoenix
  • "...if you like The Echo Chamber Blog, Freddie Black is one of the few cats who you can thank for its existence."Publication: The Echo Chamber Blog

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