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I'm a model and actress and looking for more involvement in the world around here. I'm interested in doing print work and theater work, those are my main passions. I do love doing all kinds of work and I would be more than willing to try anything. I am trained in both modeling and acting as well as doing all my own make-up. I'm not opposed to working with MUAs but if one is not available then I will be able to do it on my own.

Also please be aware that I do wear wigs (due in fact to a hereditary disease called Alopecia Areata, if you are unaware of it please just ask). I have many to choose from and I am always willing to get a new one that will fit what you are looking for at no additional charge to you. I LOVE wearing them! I currently have 6 to choose from.

I have a small tattoo on my right hip, it can be covered up and easily photoshopped out. It is very sentimental but I will not be offended if it is taken out. I also have my belly button pierced which can easily be removed and I have an assortment of rings if you would like to use a different kind. I will also be getting a new tattoo at some point on me left shoulder blade, will not be visible from the front.

I am not interested in shooting anything "explicit" that meaning no extreme bondage, open leg shots, posing with suggestive objects or scenes that are implied sexual. Please, please, please respect this the way I look at it if you'd expect to go to a pay site for it, I probably won't do it. With this being said, I do not mind working with other models, clothed or nude. I just do not want to be having "sex" with them on camera.

Please contact me for all rates (both modeling and MUA) as full day rates as well as hourly are available. Please note that due to my experience and that this is becoming more of my full time job that TF work will be very limited unless it grews my portfolio. But please don't hesitate to contact me.

So if you are still interested in working with me, please shoot me an email!

In your email, please include the following:

1. Contact Information

2. Shoot Ideas wardrobe, makeup, hair

3. Type of Compensation (paid or TFP/TFCD)

4. Location (and if traveling more than 100 miles, travel compensation?)

5. Dates you would like to work with

6. Length of time you would like to work

7. Escort allowed

8. Model release

Model, theater, make-up, costumes, my puppies

To become something great

Looking to get some more shoots started!


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