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  • Northwest Convergence Zone Radio

    ¨It's smart, cooler than Steely Dan... a lot of bands would be afraid of playing this kind of music.¨

    Source: Darrell Fortune
  • Exposé Magazine

    ¨This is a band that doesn't rely on flashy solos to carry the music, but concentrates on imaginative arrangements and varying tone colors.¨

    Source: Jon Davis
  • Dutch Progressive Rock Page

    ¨Where Would You That We Gather? , their second album, is a must for fans of improvisation-based jazz-rock. It showcases the band's impressive chops and intriguing instrumentation.¨

    Source: Raffaella Berry
  • Weekly Volcano

    ¨What Fang Chia do excel at.... is the sort of drifting beauty of those particularly heady progressive rock acts [King Crimson, Gentle Giant and Yes]. This is music to be listened to in the dark of your living room, surrounded by pungent smoke and, preferably, with a rainstorm raging against your windows.¨

    Source: Rev. Adam McKinney

Fang Chia is an experimental jazz-rock group from Tacoma, WA. The band’s four core members all studied music at the University of Puget Sound and have been playing together for the past eight years. As former members of The Warner House Cat and Electric Minge, their shared musical background is rooted in grit and improvisation. The band’s mission statement has always been to blur the lines between genres and constantly expand in all directions.

Often, Fang Chia goes beyond the typical bass-guitar-drums-keys set up, using synthesizers, vibraphones, saxophone, and live brass - frequently through effects and loop pedals. The rhythms tend to be mathy and the harmonies jazzy, but at its core Fang Chia is experimental rock and roll.

Coby Tamayo • guitars

Matt Price • percussion, mallet instruments

Kyle Durkee • keyboard, trumpet

Kevin Shintaku • bass guitar, trombone

    • Fang Chia

      820 S Cushman AveTacoma, Washington 98405 United States

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