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Faith Holt is a 21-year-old Christian singer/songwriter whose music has been describe as "indie pop/rock". At the age of 12, she received her first guitar and started taking lessons after being inspired by Switchfoot. Her freshman year in high school she was put in charge of the worship for her youth group with a friend who sung. One night, her youth leader pushed her to play one of her own songs, "Speak Through Me". Several people complimented it and it was put into the rotation for the church's worship on Sunday mornings. A couple other songs started being played on Sundays as well, including "Hallelujah" which is her most popular song. At 18 she recorded a demo but due to circumstances didn't feel encouraged to keep pursuing music. When she began college, a new friend put the idea in her head to really pursue music again and record a full album. Instantly, momentum picked up again by playing at local churches and opening for Sonicflood in August 2011. Over this time, a solid local fan base was developed. In January 2012 she began recording her album, now titled Move. The album features a total of 13 songs and took almost a year to finish. Overall, Faith's vision is to let people know they're not alone. This is a constant theme in her music as well as the idea of getting out and really living instead of sitting at home just getting by and not really doing anything. Her music has already affected many people's lives and she looks forward to reaching the ears of many more.

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