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Executive Furniture Rentals is a Canadian company that specializes in furniture rentals to individuals and companies alike. Arthur Miller founded it in 1959 under the name of Canadian Furniture Leasing. From inception, Canadian Furniture Leasing had the objective of assisting individuals with no credit to acquire home furniture. To facilitate this objective, the company implemented a leasing-to-buy purchase option. This move was successful, prompting the company to extend it to office furniture. The response in the market was so good that soon the company was the leader in office furniture rental to legal and accounting firms, and to federal and provincial governments.

Arthur Miller was an entrepreneur and business innovator, pioneering furniture leasing as a viable purchasing option. In the late fifties, he realized that many war veterans from Europe and the Far East had trouble acquiring home furniture because they had no credit. He established Canadian Furniture Leasing to help them acquire home furniture. Under his visionary leadership, people without credit could acquire home furniture on a rent-to-buy option. The formula proved a success, leading to the rapid growth of the company. In the 90's, the company adopted the new name of Executive Furniture Rentals to reflect the market, and Arthur Miller's son, Mark Miller, became the company president. Executive Furniture Rentals remains a leading furniture leasing company in Canada.

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