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Established in October 2009, EML Recordings represents an army of Electronic Dance Music Producer / DJ's.
Amongst our ranks are Radio Presenters / Owners, Magazine Editors, PR Officers, Web Designers, Sound Engineers, App Developers, Graphic Designers, and other music industry professionals.
Renowned for it's infectious Trance, Raw Drum 'n' Bass, Psytrance, Breaks, and Electronica, EML is now branching out into all styles within the Electronic Dance music scene.
In Feb 2012 we created 2 sister labels "Sub Generation Records" - Catering for our Drum N Bass, Breaks, and Dubstep artists.
and ''LayZee Records"- catering for our Electronica, Electro, Down Tempo, Chill out artists.
Meaning that EML Recordings now focuses on Trance, House, and Techno.
With an ever increasing array of promotional avenues, and growing world wide support, we are growing fast, and we'll be delivering the highest quality dance music of all genres for many years to come.
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Established producer, budding DJ, Owner of 3 labels, Radio presenter, podcaster, blogger, music junkie

Music, Golf

To dominate the world of Electronic Dance Music

Owner of EML Recordings / Sub Generation Records / LayZee Records

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  • Shaun Williams - NO 1 Juno Trance Charts

  • Floe - NO 1 Amazon Trance Charts

  • 8BitRage (EML / Sub Generation) makes Canada’s official Dance charts top 20

    IT’S OFFICIAL ’8BITRAGE’ with his release ”Liberty” , released in the summer, has found it’s way into Canada’s official top 20 Dance charts you can find out more about 8BitRage by visiting him on the EML Web site : Liberty crowns EML’s finest moment in Drum & Bass. This is an almighty single, by a producer who is regularly featuring on soundcloud’s ”what’s Hot” list. A producer with a wealth of experience, his music has been used by Universal, Warner, and many others, all the top Drum & Bass DJ’s regularly support 8bitrage’s tracks, this one will be no exception. Pure bliss is the order of the day, the main synth lead alone is enough to get the heart pumping, with string elements thrown in that literally swipe you off your feet and transport you to a heavenly state of outer body and outer conscious dream. The force is also string with that all important bass, sweeping it’s way into the track and complementing all the other intelligently designed elements. From start to finish this is an epic single, one which EML is very proud and honored to put it’s name to, we bring you..8bitrage, don’t forget the name.Publication: EML Official BlogDate:

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