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Elephant Goes West will take you on an adventure. Just when you think you know where you are, you will be somewhere else. While listening to this music you may find yourself thinking, "Hmm, this kind of sounds like…now it reminds me of…what the hell was that?" That's not what Jon Buscema and Eric Burchfield had in mind when they set out to record the Whirling Dervish E.P., in fact, they really didn't have anything in mind. They barely even knew each other, only that they graduated from the same high school and shared an (at times unhealthy) obsession with the Beatles. They jammed a hand full of times. It was okay; nothing crazy. Then one day, Eric brought in a song and they decided to record it. With a few mic's, a Mac, and an entry level recording interface, they began work on what would become their debut E.P. If some of Whirling Dervish seems sloppy, that's because it is. It's practically improvised. Most of the planning for parts went like this: Jon - "Hey, we should have a guitar part here" Eric - "Yeah, I was just thinking that." Jon - (hits record) "Go." Switch rolls, wash rinse and repeat for an average of 75 tracks per song and the result is what you hear. Harmonic structures that would make Beethoven go, "Zet vas Sveet!" and melodies that would make the Beatles say, "Well, we could have written that because we are The Beatles after all…but it was still really quite nice." On stage, Eric and Jon are joined by guitarist Joe Chernus and bassist Mike Petzinger. Their live show proves to be a fun and energetic experience for all involved. They are currently gigging on the east coast promoting the Whirling Dervish E.P. and writing their next album, which they plan to begin work on in the Fall of 2011.

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    Phone: 201 956-1641
  • Elephant Goes West - "Whirling Dervish"

    They play an old timey feel goody mix of vaudeville, theatrical roots music mixed with catchy compositions and melodies reminiscent of late sixties Beatles. I almost want to play it backwards at 78rpm and look of secret messages. I am looking forward to their first full length hopefully sometime this year.Publication: Popa's TunesDate:
  • Recent Releases We Almost Missed Vol. XIX

    It’s always cool to hear something totally different, daring and just plain ole whacky. Our award for the coolest cinematic music we’ve heard in a while goes to Elephant Goes West, a Woodridge, New Jersey indie rock band that obviously doesn’t take itself too seriously.Publication: Indie Rock CafeDate:
  • Elephant Goes West - Folk Rock et ... bizare

    Toujours très plaisant de tomber sur des titres entraînants et bizare.. A la frontière entre indé, folk, rock et experimental se trouve Elephant Goes West. Vous pourrez comparer le style ou la voix de Jack White par moment (Ne vous fiez pas au début, le rythme et l'instrumentation change régulièrement). English: "always very pleasant to come across titles and catchy .. bizare At the border between indie, folk, rock and experimental is Elephant Goes West . You can compare the style or the voice of Jack White at times (Do not trust at first, rhythm and instrumentation changes regularly).Publication: Rock TriggerDate:
  • NYC CD Submission roundup: Paul Jefferson, Elephant Goes West, Conveyor

    "NJ based Elephant Goes West specialize in melodic rootsy pop with some circus-y influences reminiscent of The Beatles from their late 60s period. This is the kind of music you may want to listen to during recession times: good, melodic songs with fun arrangements."Publication: The Deli NYC

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