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[[I'm not sure why, but in our videos being transferred to this site, they got scrunched up. So if you'd like to watch them as intended, then please go to: Really, it's up to you =)]]

Element Purple is made up of Forrest Chamberlain and Dan Orlowski. Childhood friends, one day we got together and decided to cover some songs. One song led to another, and before we knew it, people wanted us to perform for them.

Our goal is to some day be performing for very large audiences, and to be well-known. We love performing for people, and to make them laugh, or to see them go "hell yeah!" because of something that we do.

We are also in the process of finalizing some songs of our own, and we hope to have them up online within a month or so. Some are funny, some are serious. But they're all great.

Well that's if you ask me. I'm admittedly quite bias.

Girls, Guitars, and Games. Think that pretty much covers it ;)

We're not serious at all in the most serious of ways


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