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Portrait Photographer Forever Young Studios Lake Havasu, AZ 2007-2009
Duties include Lighting and shooting portraits on stage and on location, Photoshop images for custom printing, operating an Epson 9700 ink jet printer, schedule appointments, direct sales conferences with clients, billing clients, clean and maintain equipment, ordering supplies.

Freelance Photographer 2004-2007
Duties include prepping a project - gathering information from the client to determine exactly what they need, budgeting the shoot, The Shoot - set up of equipment to create my images, work with a stylist or makeup artist, Light and Photograph the subject or product, Wrap out - document man hours, wrap the gear, pay the models, complete the billing,

Set Dresser 1997-2004
Duties include Organizing truck runs for pick ups and returns, securing and protecting props while in transit, maintaining records of purchases and rentals, working with the decorator to dress sets, working on set to maintain continuity and help facilitate the shooting schedule, wrap out and inventory props at the end of the season.

Steadicam Operator 1992-1996
Duties include working with Directors, Cinematographers, and Actors. To operate a film or video camera mounted on my Steadicam platform.

Focus Puller / Camera Operator 1984-1994
Duties include running the camera department. Assisting the Cinematographer in setting up the camera for each shot. Coordinating extra help when the schedule calls for it. Maintenance of all the camera gear. Close contact with the lab for proper processing and printing per the Cinematographers orders. Work with the script supervisor to ensure the directors choices get printed.

Loader / Clapper 1982-1985
Duties include maintaining camera reports, processing department time cards, ordering film, inventory of film on hand, I.d. and slate each shot, work with the focus puller to set up the camera and change lenses, Load magazines with fresh film and down load exposed footage and ready it for the lab per the Cinematographers orders.

Photographer/Cinematographer, Nexus, Santa Barbara, CA 1980-1982
Duties include working with their in house research and development department to write scripts for films and commercials to introduce their product line and teach Salons how to market their product. I hired crews as they where needed as film and video projects came up

Photo Dept. Manager, MaGraw Hill Publishing Co., Goleta, CA 1978-1980
Duties include processing roll film shot by realtors in the field, maintaining chemicals for a reverse processing machine used to make plates used in the offset printing of MSL listing books for the southern California area, Operate a Brownie copy camera, and maintain a crew of three other crew members on the night shift


Brooks Institute of Photographic Arts and Sciences, Santa Barbara, CA 1978-1981 MFA
Southern Connecticut State College, New Haven, CT 1976-1978
United States Marine Corp Honorably Discharged CPL 1972-1978

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