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45th Parallel Productions, LLC, in association with Demented Pictures, LLC, presents: "DIVIDED WE UNITE"In these troubled times caused by political, social, and economic differences throughout the United States, the Wilson family has agreed to open up their lives in the hopes of identifying that which divides us as a nation. We searched the country for a family that we thought represented many of the same issues we face in the 21st Century. Ken and Annie Wilson, along with their four adult children and families, agreed to allow us to film and document every aspect of their lives over many months. With the aid of hidden cameras, undercover operatives, and a roaming camera crew, we captured the essence of the inner workings and interactions of the family unit never seen before. What you are about to see is a raw, true-grit, and uncompromising display of thought-provoking action that very well may get to the root of the problems that plague our great nation. Let’s just say, some of the events captured are troubling and almost unreal.This 90 minute documentary-style film utilizes over 60 local participants in the making, from the Traverse City, Michigan region. The unscripted dialog and riveting action was assembled under the direction of J. Mark Eiden and Megan T. Curtis, both natives of Michigan. Eiden, also the Executive Producer and member of the American Screen Actors Guild, along with Curtis, the Producer, painstakingly created an environment to allow us to witness the ramifications of our die-hard opinions and beliefs.

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