Dr Terry Simpson


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Dr. Terry Simpson, a Native Alaskan from Ketchikan, earned his medical degree at the University of Chicago. He completed his surgical residency at the Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle, WA and moved on to become an Indian health surgeon at Arizona's Phoenix Indian Medical Center. For over 18 years, Dr. Simpson maintained a clinic at the Hu Hu Kam Hospital in Sacaton, Arizona. Since 1996, Terry Simpson MD is based in the practice he founded--Affiliated Surgical Associates in Phoenix, AZ.

Dr. Simpson is a personable surgical specialist who takes time with his patients to help them get on the path to better health in the fight against obesity. He's an experienced bariatric surgeon who has provided thoughtful and thorough treatment options to hundreds of patients.

Lately, his focus has shifted to arming people with cooking skills. He not only teaches people how to cook and eat, Dr. Simpson also explains some of the chemistry happening when cooking certain recipes featured on his "Your Doctor's Orders" website.

Dr. Simpson attended medical school on scholarship and evidence of his desire to give something back is a common thread in the fabric of his medical career. He's received accolades for his accomplishments in the health care of Native Americans. In August 2013, Dr. Simpson was awarded the National Indian Health Board's Regional Impact Award for his improvements in health care delivery.

Medicine, science, cooking, sourcing healthy recipes and fresh foods.

Continue my work in bariatrics to help patients adopt lifestyles of healthy cooking and eating to prevent and to conquer obesity.

Weight loss surgeon who also teaches his patients to cook and eat