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Safe2woSay born D'Andre Anthony Harper started writing poetry at age 12 . After two years of writing about love he decided to change it up ,so one day during his freshman year in Orange High School(O.H.S.) he wrote a verse to Currency's "Where the cash at" titled "V.A. to N.J." and his Friend found it in his room on his desk and asked him to rap it , so he did while his girlfriend at the time was on the phone and they were surprised with his flow,Encouraging him to write more , so he did and his Sophmore year after they started a group called 417 which consisted of Nathan Verly(rapper) , Christpher King (rapper/producer) and Jonathan Hatcher(rapper). They never got a chance to record any songs before the group dispatched due to moving .When his Junior year came around he could see he got better lyricaly and he started taking production classes ,so music was all around . After ,two Semesters his production class was change to a digital media class that was ran by Charlie Steiner a former teacher at O.H.S. who used macs in his class ,so every student can edit videos/pictures there own way. One day while listening to the music on one of the computers he heard a group of rappers and decided to stay after school to see if they were going to come and record and they did. Dray never had any after school activities ,so he would go to the digital media room everyday after school to watch them record and one day he got his chance to be on a song named "F*** U" with another O.H.S. rapper Clifford "Clyph" Pierre . Soon after this song was uploaded on myspace people in the school started seeing more of Dray's Talent ,so he collaberated on other songs with Clyph and also with a childhood friend Ray "Sykez" Sykes who he would freestyle with for fun when he first started. After, a couple songs they all seen a long with (producer/Dj) Sem "S.Dibbz" Etienne that they worked wel together so they formed a group called Soundbox Banditz(S.B.B) .Now in his Senior year he has preformed on stage with his group on stage at Orange Middle School , released their first mixtape , added more people to the group . He is currently working on a second mixtape with the group titled the Orange Album .

  • Phone: 973-609-0837
    orange, New Jersey 7050 United States

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