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The New York Yankees, Clorox Bleach, and Done Deal, these three, seeming unrelated, terms have onething in common. Each one came from humble beginnings to become a worldwide household name.Formed in 2009, by vocalist Michael “Luckie” LeBlanc, the band went through a few incarnations as he searched for the right members to that could bring the unique sound he envisioned to life. By the endof the year he was that much closer. After a few failed networking attempts to find dedicated, talented,musicians, he turned to the one-stop-shop where you can get everything from cars to syphilis, Craigslist.By the end of 2009 the band was formed and the real work began, taking each members diverse background and making into a coherent fusion of rock and hip hop.Blending hip hop vocals, driving bass lines, southern rock guitar riffs, punk inspired beats, and a club DJ didn’t happen overnight. Some trial, error, and several months later the band had a solid set and became an active part of the Austin music scene.It was there that musician and producer, Billy Milano, discovered their raw talent and took it upon himself to show them the way to the next step. Production began on the three songs that would make up the bands first official demo / EP. Finally, in January 2011 Done Deal and Billy Milano hit the studio with,engineer, Tim Gerron at the helm. Three songs later the first EP was finished and the songs I Rock Hip Hop, In The Building, and It’s Time for Change were unleashed upon the world.All of this was leading up to the band embarking on a journey that took them from the humble upbringing of Texas life and hurling them into the New York, tri-state, arena. The band was featured atone of New Jersey’s best underground venues, Ding Bats. The show was put together by Murder LeagueAll-Stars front man Tim Mc Murtrie and featured the bands Pounder and The Dirty Stayouts. The show was a success and the east coast found out firsthand what Done Deal was bringing to the table.The band returned to Austin ready to hit the ground running. With the release of the long awaited music video for “In the Building”, playing shows all throughout SXSW, and gearing up for a mini summer tour Done Deal has a full plate to continue making their name a common phrase in the music world. Sit back and brace yourself because we’re coming full force and we aren’t taking no for an answer.Done Deal, it’s the new way of thinking.

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    Phone: 347-644-9062
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  • Done Deal at Dingbatz

    Our good friend Tim Mc Murtrie from Murder League Allstars, Rythym Tripp, and M.O.D. brought this band up from Texas. Another friend of ours Billy Milano has been working with Done Deal so big T wanted to bring them up. They KILLED it. Great band great jobPublication: Partlikearawstar.comDate:
  • SXSW 2010 Awards

    Metal category 8th best performing band in Austin TexasPublication: Austin Chronical
  • One Music One People Fest Homestead Fl

    Done Deal, the sole rock group on the bill traveled from Austin, TX to participate in the festival said, “We will come again if they’ll have us”. From the excitement level raised by the audience it appears their return to the festival is inevitable.Publication: One Music One People Music FestDate:

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