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Domino Falls is an American alternative rock band that originates from Baltimore, MD. It’s original two members Eric Smith (Drums) and Kyle Wesley (Vocals/Lead Guitar) established they’re connection and then rounded out the band by adding Chris Dennard (Lead/Rythm Guitar). Their approach to creating the Domino Falls sound stems from their ability to connect familiar melodies and ballads from classic influences like; The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Johnny Cash, and then familiarize them in the context of influences that are new and hot on the radio today like Kings of Leon, Incubus, The Black Keys, Foo Fighters etc. Coming from many different musical backgrounds allows this band to create a sound that is both refreshingly unique yet comfortably familiar. The dynamics of each song tend to strike unpredictably and after you catch yourself singing along, a contagious melody somehow lingers long after the track's end. On May 22nd 2011 they made their debut by playing their first show at Recher Theater in Towson, MD and have since played other notable venues such as Otto Bar, The Fillmore and Ram’s Head Live just to name a few. The “Domino Effect” is what the band refers to when explaining how their infectious sound has allowed them to amass crowds and let one Domino after another fall in terms of attracting new followers. By continuing to spread their music throughout the scene, Domino Falls’ mission is to first become the preferred local music act of their home base Baltimore. Once that's done the Domino Effect will eventually spread to the rest of the world.

A quote from the band:

"We want to bring authenticity back to rock music! Not just the music itself, but the attachment developed by watching a new band for the first time and then witnessing their rise. We strive to create that feeling one gets when attending a rock show and then becoming a devoted follower of that band. As fans of rock music, we feel the need to bring back the days when the music was nothing short of epic and the bands became legendary."


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  • establishMAG; Domino Falls

    Monday, October 3, 2011 By Daniel Guy Are you a fan of listening to a band’s CD once, then being able to sing the whole set list while they play live? If so, you’ll dig Domino Falls, a Baltimore-based band making their way up the ranks in the DIY indie rock scene on the east coast. On September 23, Domino Falls graced Rams Head Live with their lyrical depth and catchy rhythms, sharing the bill with an equally talented Baltimore band, Alice Anna. Called “refreshingly unique yet comfortably familiar” by a Rams Head staff writer, Domino Falls has shown their poise over the late summer months. Domino Falls is made up of four members, Kyle Wesley (lead vocals and guitar), Chris Dennard (guitar), Jeff Lang (bass) and Eric Smith (drums). Their show at Rams Head last night was clearly the most impressive performance I’ve seen thus far. They were able to incorporate eight songs into their 45 minute slot, including “Bullets in Bloom” and “Rain Down On Me,” one of the group’s newly articulated pieces. The unique lyrics and individual talents on the instruments keep Domino Falls’ fans hooked. Some of the best sections of their music are the instrumental interludes between songs, which demonstrate the unique chemistry the members share. That being said, stage presence is, without a doubt, one of their strongest assets. What might have been even more impressive last night, was the incorporation of Johnny Benson, who stepped in and played violin as a surprise for everyone in attendance. Benson stepped on stage to accompany Domino Falls in their song “The Reel” and was invited back out for their final song of the set “Rain Down On Me.” It was clear that the band was very excited to have him play with them on stage, and it will be interesting to see how they use his talent with the violin in the future. Domino Falls brings a show stopping performance to each venue they play and fans are always dancing and singing along with the band throughout the duration of their set. It is certainly an experience that live music lovers should not miss. Domino Falls expects to expand their tour to the Philadelphia area in the coming months, but for sooner tour dates and other information, you can find Domino Falls on Facebook ( and Twitter (@dominofalls).Date:
  • Riding The Indie Music Bus: Part IV 5 Bands You Must Know

    Based in Baltimore, the four-piece rock outfit, Domino Falls, has fashioned an excellent sound for themselves that spans a good spectrum. In listening to clips of their music, “Her Eyes” is an acoustic ballad, featuring some mushy lines, for example, “…When you stare through my eyes my world stops spinning…”. However other songs, like “Tongue Tied” and “Creatures” are more alt/rock, with tinges of pop, too. While “Bullets In Bloom” is a mix of both, beginning slower, but then really builds and explodes. But as well crafted as the music the is, the lyrics deserve your attention just as much.

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