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D. Legends are made up of some of the most prestigious former members of the line up from the different eras of the group's history including , Butch Leake Clyde Brown and Joe Blunt, who all performed or recorded on some of the group's biggest hits respectively during the the Bell / Arista period in the, 70's and 80's. The Legends appeared as very special guests to the current line up of The Drifters at an historic event at London’s O2 Arena in 2009, which was promoted by Kennedy Street Enterprises. Lifetime achievement awards were presented to D. Legends Joe Blunt and Butch Leake in recognition of the success of the group during the 1970’s on the Bell Arista label.It was early 1970 when The Drifters managed by Faye Treadwell, widow to the legendary George Treadwell left Atlantic Records, which had been the home of the group during the earlier years of success, and moved to Bell Records (Now known as Arista Records as part of Sony BMG). The Drifters lineup now consisted of what became known as the classic group of the seventies. This line up featuring Butch went on to record four hugely successful albums and this era became known as the third 'Golden Period' of the Drifters legacy.During his time as a second tenor and baritone with the Drifters, Butch helped record the memorable hits 'Down on the Beach Tonight', 'Kissing in the Back Row of the Movies', 'Love Games' and 'There Goes My First Love', which topped the British and European charts in the early seventies.

"Updated on what's happening with The Legends. We are no longer known as The Drifters Legends but simply D. Legends A/K/A The Original Bell/Arista Recording Artist. We are currently in dialog with industry sources in relation with future media appearances and new recording projects. For more information you can log into The Drifters Legends Clubhouse over on facebook or log into http://cornertalkreport for further updated info"

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    • Sony Music Life Time Achievement Awards 2009 / Sony Gold Disk Award 2012

    • Sony Gold Disk Award Presentation

      A night of celebration for The Drifters on both sides of the Atlantic recently included presentation of gold disks from Sony Music to current and former members of the group in recognition of the success of UP ON THE ROOF which, included some of the favourite tracks recorded by former members of the group over the last few decades and new material recorded by the current line up. In the UK, disks were presented live on stage at the Liverpool Empire to the current line up, as well as former members of the group Steve V King and Maurice Cannon and the record producer for the new tracks Shaun Lowe. On the other side of the Atlantic, former members of The Drifters Joe Blunt and Butch Leake received their awards at the Sony Music Offices in New York.Publication: Prism Music Group (PMG) UKDate:

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