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DreamKillerUniversity is a based out of Topeka, KS. Their style of music is called "Rip Rock" it is a combination of elitism hip hop and hard rock. Live drums, guitars and keys and what the hip hop community would refer to as "rippers" (better than rappers). This group has performed in many venues around town almost upon their inception. They have rocked holes in the wall, dives, big sports bars, and live music venues around their home state of Kansas, and they don't seem to slow down. They are working on their debut album named, "BadLuckAndBreakALeg" due this year. Seasoned stage veterans, DKU has been acclaimed for their style and energy performing for hundreds of people over just a few months. Given the opportunity DKU plans to tour once the album is completed.
Anthemous, Spoken Thought, Nitemare, Schiflett, and Jameson have a combined 36 years of music experience. This is not a group one would want to ignore, especially in the early stages of this groups dynamic buzz.

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    Phone: 785-408-0717
    1192 SW Warren Ave.Topeka, Kansas 66604 United States
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