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Dezzy Hollow a hip hop artist from Oceanside CA.
Thru The Smoke is the latest collab with Ross May and Lil Hitt out of North County. Beat by Cheef.
The Deep End is the latest cd released in 2013. Dezzy's music is smooth, real and relatable. He is a lyrical monster paired up with awesome beats. Keep up with Dezzy and his music at

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    Oceanside, California 92058 United States
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      DEZZY HOLLOW I Am Dezzy H.Oceanside isn’t the first place that comes to mind when picturing a burgeoning rap scene, but Dezzy Hollow is out to change that with his junior release. Referencing “bitchass ho’s,” “them haters” and working for that “extra cheese,” the CD offers standout tracks like “Bumpin’ My Shit Down the Block” and “The Creation of Cuzzy Mac.” If a Gangsta’s Paradise truly exists, like Coolio predicted so long ago, Dezzy would no doubt be the doorman.—Enrique LimonPublication: SD CityBeat
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    • Review of The Deep End

      The Deep End is introspectively creative showing a side of Dezzy Hollow which we have yet to hear, stories of his own personal cache of experiences – the trials and tribulation and triumphs of an endless journey. 18 tracks – Dezzy put alot of work in making The Deep End a gem. 18 tracks!!! That’s commitment and determination. That’s a lot of writing and practice to make sure every line was ‘on point’ in ProTools.Publication: Steryo.comDate:

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