Diane Chivers


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Our knowing and highly regarded private detectives in London have the know-how to expertly research any scenario which will demand our specialised private detective services.

Help is accessible from the most highly trained and proficient private detectives London can present, offering you private investigator service know-how to do good for your special scenario.

When Private Detectives London receive your call you'll be assisted by a learned and knowing private investigator who'll discuss your requirements and them offer a reasonable and workable solution for you.

Making that first call to private detective agencies might be extremely stressful but our detectives at Private Detectives London are friendly professionals who will be pleased to put forward all the feasible means we can allow you to.

Private detectives knowledge of regulations is a key factor when looking to employ private detective services, as evidence gained by illegal methods isn't valid proof and certainly will not be admissible in court.

Our highly skilled and experienced London investigators are trained to a higher standard within our industry and are most typically from Military Special Forces and Police backgrounds, giving them a professional outlook that goes above and beyond just finding the job accomplished.

Undercover private detectives aren't all men, at Private Detectives London we have many men and women who work undercover in a myriad of positions from warehouse employees to kitchen staff to secretaries and PA's to get info and evidence required by our clients.

There's a multitude of distinct functions for a girl in just a private investigation service, they comprise heading out on surveillance investigations to collect crucial evidence, fitting hidden cameras, CCTV systems and other-devices and office-bound investigations.

Selection and availability are most important if looking to employ a private investigator detective agency, Private Detectives London have an outstanding group of highly skilled and varied Private Detectives of all ages, sexes and cultural groups available now to fit in with any scenario you need investigating.

A high quality camera is the most valuable piece of gear that any skillful private investigator UK skilled would have and all our private detectives in London, UK, use only state of the art photographic and video equipment to record crucial signs.

It is always the aim of Private Detectives London to be the finest Private Detectives London has produced and to keep this first class position it is important to us that we gain excellence in all we do, therefore, we use only ultra modern and high quality equipment.

Manpower and equipment is paramount if you wish to produce excellent results in any investigation, at our private detective agency we believe only in giving the best results in the most timely and cost effective manner that is why we employ first class Private Detectives who are unsurpassed in the methods of investigation they carry out using the finest equipment available to them.

Diane Chivers
16 Old Queen St
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