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DelShen Therapeutics is a leading producer and supplier of pharmaceutical grade medical marijuana. Located in Toronto, ON, the mission of DelShen is to set a global quality standard in the field of medical marijuana products and production, providing patients with a pharmaceutical grade product to ensure optimal health and relief benefits. The DelShen team consists of the country’s leading experts in their field, from Master Growers to Medical Doctors and the Executive Team. Their state-of-the-art facility in Northern Ontario has an excellent on-site infrastructure including a 3-phase power substation to provide power for growing operations. The property is extensive and there is sufficient space available for expanding production at minimal additional capital and construction costs. The quality facility and the DelShen team enable the production of exclusive, safe, and effective strains of the finest grade medical marijuana to the end user. The strains that Delshen has sourced come from Maripharm B.V., an ISO 9001 and GMP-certified producer from the Netherlands.

DelShen Therapeutics
20 Victoria St, Suite 800
Toronto, ON M5C 2N8
Tel: (416) 364-2596


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