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The duo of Deezy the Incredible & Devron came together in March of 2009 after the establishment of One Alliance Records. Having their musical backgrounds in the church they both shared something in common that created a promising collaboration of both talents. In march of 2009 they performed together on the first mixtape put out by One Alliance Records titled "iRep M.A.E", the collaboration between both artists attracted the attention of radio personalities, DJ's and listeners in their local communities in the Bahamas and set them apart from any other performer locally. In October of 2009 the duohit the studio to record their first official release that they titled "Come With Me", taking their time to make sure the production, lyrics and presentation was right they released the song in January of 2010. The song immediately took the number 1 spot on local radio and proved that this duo were hitmakers.This single also got radio play in the US and other parts of the world. In the summer of 2010 Deezy & Devron recorded one of the biggest Summer Hits ever released by a Bahamian act titled "I Like The Way You Move". This track introduced the duo to the Pop sound and wa received by the listening public with high ratings.They shot the music video for this track a few months later and released it to Music network Tempo Networks, Local television stations in the Bahamas and various video sites on the World Wide Web.

The Success of the duo's music has awarded them various performance opportunities performing in different venues in the Bahamas, making appearances in the US and also sharing performance cards with International artists such as Serani. They also have made various radio appearances and also performed live on local radio shows in the Bahamas.They are currently doing promotional tours around the US.

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