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Dawn Vally


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Dawn Vally was formed late 2007 and have made their mark through high energy shows an heavy sound. Since then they have released 2 demos, 1 E.P. They recently put out their first album "Just Pleaser" in November 2013. Currently Dawn Vally is working on a new E.P slated to be announced 2015.

The mainstream is getting heavier. The people are getting angrier. Dawn Vally is a band that reflects this. They don't believe in being silent because Metal is an "underground" genre. It is not and they aim to make sure everybody knows it with headbanging, body rattling music that incorporates many different musical influences from progressive to southern rock!

  • Joe Bartolo

    Phone: 647-444-3058
    350 Queens QuayToronto Canada
    • Interview with Dawn Vally!

      we'd call ourselves Dawn Vally to rep Toronto, there is no "e" in Vally so it's easy to find us online.

      Source: Pig Squeals and Beakdowns

      “My impression was that they were a comedy metal band, due to their ridiculous song titles and lyrics.”

      Source: Metal Master Kingdom

      “Dawn Vally’s low, groovy and heavy sound; not only slowed down the night but hit it hard and brought a perfect ending to a night of an amazing showcase of local talent.”

      Source: The Heavy Press
    • Dawn Vally w/ Mythosis Show Review

      Imagine a jam session with Nirvana and Napalm Death. Now, add a little flavor of Toronto's youthful metal scene. That's Dawn VallyPublication: Toronto Metal MusicDate:
    • Live Music Mythosis & Dawn Vally!

      How do you eat your apples?Publication: The ExaminerDate:
    • Toronto's Raising Star Show Review

      Dawn Vally played a great set for the teens, had the old folks running for the door and made the young kids cry.Publication: Puala WellsDate:
    • Our first show with Mythosis Show Review

      The band's bassist, who had been at the loosing end of a dog-attack, earlier that same day.Publication: Toronto Metal comlumistDate:
    • Dawn Vally in the Toronto Sun Interview

      Bartolo brothers Jeff, 20, Joe, 26, and Nick, 18Publication: Toronto sunDate:
    • Dawn Vally Interview with PopVulture Magazine

      "Well we have been around for awhile, when there is a lot of bands around us breaking up or changing their names, we have managed to build up a reputation for ourselves which is cool. We've been lucky enough to share the stage with lots of cool bands such as Within the Ruins, The Contortionist, Ligea and In Alcatraz 1962 and also meet lots of people."

    • Dawn Vally on The Reverend Show 2015 Interview

      If anyone missed the interview we did with The Reverend Radio Show, we just put it up on our youtube channel. Swing by and check it out! Who knows... You may even find a new track in there somewhere .

      Source: youtube

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